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The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic is celebrating 5 years of exceptional healthcare!

Your team, Your health, Your healthcare


To work with clients and the community to provide safe, effective and high-quality primary health care.


To provide timely access to interdisciplinary primary health care services in a collaborative, patient-centred approach.


Quality – we will implement effective evaluation strategies to guide client care with a focus on achieving and maintaining optimal health; we are committed to evidence-based care; we will ensure that every provider is working at or towards his/her full scope of practice

Understanding– we will take the time to listen to and understand our clients’ unique health care needs; we will use a holistic approach to assist our clients to achieve and maintain optimal health; our clients will be full partners in their care to the degree that they are willing and able

Accountability– we will ensure appropriate and responsible utilization of health care resources; we will utilize available resources as appropriate, minimizing duplication within the system; we will place value on integrity, transparency, professionalism and accountability; we will participate in continuous quality improvement; we will place high value on staff and client satisfaction

Leadership – our nurse practitioners will fill a leadership role within the clinic and the community; we will enthusiastically participate in the education of future health care providers

Innovation– we will continually examine our services and programs ensuring the needs of our clients are being met; we will encourage new ideas and methods of delivering care aimed at improving the services we provide; we will continually examine the role that community service providers can play in the care of our clients and ensure that available resources are used to their maximum capacity

Teamwork– we will focus on developing a positive work environment for all staff, valuing professional development, continuous learning, mentoring and growth

“Your team, your health, your healthcare” – we will put the needs of our client first

Quality Improvement Plan

A Quality Improvement Plan is a formal blueprint on how a health care organization will address quality issues and meet its quality improvement goals. Through the development of the plan, the organization demonstrates a public commitment to improving the quality of care it provides to its patients, residents or clients.

The Excellent Care for All Act 2010 and accountability agreements require all healthcare agencies, including primary health care organizations, to create a Quality Improvement Plan every year. Each organization develops a plan including specific targets and actions that reflect the province’s health care improvement priorities, as well as the quality issues that are locally relevant.

The plans have three components – the progress report, the narrative and the work plan – which together reflect on the quality improvement activities and achievements of the previous year, provide context about the organization and outline steps for the year ahead.

The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic  is pleased to share their 2017-18 Quality Improvement Plan, focusing on better access, integration, and patient-centeredness.

NorthMuskokaNPLC_narrative 2017-18

NorthMuskoka NPLC_workplan 2017-18

NorthMuskokaNPLC_progressReport 2017-18



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