Latest Past Events

Chronic Pain Self Management Program

Program Objective / Goal:  There are three (3) main concepts that are emphasized in this program, one being that every person experiences pain differently, therefore there is no one treatment that works for everyone. The second is that there are any number of things that chronic pain sufferers do to better manage their pain. This […]

Diabetes Conversation – Living with Diabetes

Program Objective / Goal:  Through group discussion, led by a Diabetes Educator, participants will gain knowledge about the management and prevention of diabetes.  The sessions allow participants to learn from each others experiences which can be very valuable for adult learning, self-management and inspiration for behaviour change. Program Structure: The program uses 3 Conversation Map […]

Healthy Heart Program

Program Objective / Goal:  Participants will learn more about cardiovascular health, how healthy food choices and keeping active can control weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol plus reduce inflammation and heart disease. Current blood pressure and cholesterol targets, how medications are used to control both work and may be necessary for lipid management will be explained. […]