Please Note

If you currently do not have a local primary care provider (Doctor or Nurse Practitioner), you are welcome to apply to become a patient, however, the North Muskoka NPLC currently has a long wait list of people wishing to become patients.

  • Wait times for new intakes are likely to be longer than twelve months.

The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic takes your privacy seriously.

All employees have signed a confidentiality agreement permitting them to access your personal information only when required for the provision of health services.  Your personal and health information will only be shared with agencies outside of the clinic with your informed consent.  Permission to share your information can be revoked by you at any time.  The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic has a comprehensive privacy policy available for your viewing upon your request.

Clients will be registered to the North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic and not to an individual provider.

It is expected that clients will see one provider on a regular basis, however you may be required to see alternative providers within the clinic from time to time.  At the North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, your main health care provider will be a Nurse Practitioner.  The Nurse Practitioner works within a scope of practice set forth by the College of Nurses of Ontario whereby she/he is able to order common lab and diagnostic tests, order and/or renew certain medications, and diagnose certain illnesses.  Requirements beyond this scope of practice require our Nurse Practitioners to consult with our affiliated Family Physician.  Your Nurse Practitioner may make arrangements for you to see our Family Physician at our clinic or may discuss your health care needs with her/him as required.

This registration form will be considered a confidential document and if accepted into care will become part of your medical record.  The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic will only collect, use and disclose your personal health information with your consent, unless a particular collection, use, or disclosure is permitted or required by law without your consent.  It is understood that when attending Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funded services, there will be a requirement on the part of the clinic to submit some information regarding service usage to the Ministry.

By completing and submitting the registration form, you are expressing understanding and acceptance of the terms outline above.

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In order to find you the first available health care provider, your name and information may be shared with Health Care Connect.

Information on this form will not be shared with anyone outside the North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, except HealthCareConnect with expressed consent. This information is considered private and confidential. Concerns about privacy or use of information can be addressed to Administrative Lead, North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, 5 Centre Street, Huntsville, Ontario P1H 2C1, or call (705) 224-NPLC (6752).

ALREADY FOUND A DOCTOR? LET US KNOW! Please call (705) 224-NPLC (6752).