Please Note

The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (NMNPLC) and the Algonquin Family Health Team (AFHT) are making all efforts possible to meet the needs of our community and the growing number of clients without a primary care provider.   Together, both organizations are now managing ONE waitlist.

To get your name added to the waitlist, please visit the Algonquin Family Health Team website or CLICK HERE.

At this time, we are only able to accept patient onto our waitlist who do not have a primary care provider in Muskoka and live in the following area:  Huntsville, Port Sydney, Utterson, Dwight, Dorset, Baysville, Novar.

We appreciate you patience as we continue to manage the ongoing primary care provider demand in our area.

Alternatively, you can visit the Ministry of Health website to register with HeatlhCare Connect or register by phone at 1-800-445-1822, Monday to Friday.

Add your name to the Waitlist

The North Muskoka NPLC takes your privacy seriously.

We are committed to promoting privacy and protecting the confidentiality of the health information we hold about you.

The North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (“NMNPLC”) is a health information custodian under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA). For the purposes of privacy obligations, the NMNPLC employees, students, volunteers and vendors are agents of the NMNPLC.  This means we all follow the same rules and work together to protect your privacy.

Download our Public Privacy Notice


All employees, students and agents of the NMNPLC are bound by confidentiality. We have to protect your information from loss, theft and unauthorized access or disclosure.  If there is a privacy breach, we will tell you (and we are required by law to tell you).


We collect, use and disclose (meaning share) your health information to:

  • Treat and care for you
  • Communicate and coordinate your care with your other health care providers
  • Provide appointment or preventative care reminders to you and/or send patient surveys to you
  • Update you of upcoming events, activities and programs
  • Deliver and evaluate our programs
  • Plan, administer and manage our internal operations
  • Be paid or process, monitor, verify or reimburse claims for payment
  • Conduct risk management, error management and quality improvement activities
  • Educate our staff and students
  • Dispose of your information
  • Seek your permission (or permission of a substitute decision maker) where appropriate
  • Respond to or initiate proceedings
  • Conduct research (subject to certain rules)
  • Compile statistics
  • Allow for the analysis, administration and management of the health system
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law

Our collection, use and disclosure (sharing) of your personal health information, is done in accordance with Ontario law.


You have a right to make choices and control how your health information is collected, used, and disclosed, subject to some limits.

There is no magic age when you become able to make your own decisions about your health information. You may make your own decisions if you are “capable”. Your nurse practitioner or other care provider will decide if you are capable.  You may be capable of making some decisions and not others. If you are not capable – you will have a substitute decision-maker (often your spouse, parent(s) or guardian or children) who will make informed decisions for you. Who can act as a substitute decision-maker and what they have to do is also set out in law.

We encourage you to share information with your family to have supports you need. We also encourage you to ask your health care provider questions to find out more about privacy and your family.


We encourage you to connect with your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you might have about your privacy, or by contacting our Privacy Officer at:

North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic
Attn: Privacy Officer
5 Centre St. N. Huntsville, Ontario P1H 2C1
T: 705-224-6752
F: 705-224-6753

There may be circumstances where the request for information, complaint pertains to information found on an external EHR Solution (Electronic Health Record), such as ConnectingOntario.  In this particular instance, our practice will support redirecting patient(s) / SDM to eHealth Ontario.  Patients are encourage to visit EHealth Ontario’s website ( for more information or connecting with EHealth Ontario’s privacy line (1-888-411-7742 x 64767)

Clients will be registered to the North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic and not to an individual provider.

It is expected that clients will see one provider on a regular basis, however you may be required to see alternative providers within the clinic from time to time.  At the North Muskoka Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, your main health care provider will be a Nurse Practitioner.  The Nurse Practitioner works within a scope of practice set forth by the College of Nurses of Ontario whereby she/he is able to order common lab and diagnostic tests, order and/or renew medications, and diagnose certain illnesses.  Requirements beyond this scope of practice require our Nurse Practitioners to consult with our affiliated Family Physician.